Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ms Chic Hong Kong Designer Label 香港設計師品牌

Ms Chic is an interesting accessories brand. The style of it is very playful yet elegant. Designer loves to use tiny bottles of perfumes from various luxury brands in her design. Through matching with colorful gems and beads, they are made into different necklaces which can definitely highlight the wearer’s outfit. There are popular crossover products between Noveltylane and Ms Chic which features the prestigious perfume, Chanel No.5.
Details: http://noveltylane.com/en/products/boutiques/ms_chic

Ms Chic 是一個有趣的手飾品牌, 風格富有玩味而且優雅。設計師愛以高級品牌的小型香水作材料,渾入色彩豐富的膠珠和寶石去製作一系列項鍊, 使整體型象看起來更特出。Ms chic 早前和noveltylane crossover 設計了一款利用經典香水chanel no.5 的項鍊,詳情請到noveltylane.com。

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