Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Novelty Lane Booklet Fashion Video

The so-called “good” fashion is not just for inter-
national brands; Hong Kong designers can make good design, good quality fashion. As a Hong Kong people, we should support those talented Hong Kong designers.
Shopping is not only on the street or in the mall, we can also try online shopping. Are you getting tired of the same stores, same malls and same fashion? It’s time to go into the online world to figure out your own image.

所謂”好”的時裝不只是外國品牌專利,香港設計師都能造出好設 計,好質素作品。作為一個香港人,應該支持香港創作吧。
購物不只局限於實體店,網上購物都有箇中樂趣。厭倦一式一樣商 場、店舖、時裝了嗎? 是時候轉到網上世界尋找屬於自己個性的形 象了。