Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Noveltylane.com in the blog: Style ink hk

Noveltylane.com is offering an exclusive discount for Style Ink HK Fans.  If you want to get a discount for shopping, go to Style Ink HK to get it. Don't miss the chance!

Noveltylane.com in the blog: I am I

Thank you nicole for shopping in noveltylane.com. This clutch is good for party with good quality. Enjoy~

Noveltylane.com in the blog: Yau Yau

Thank you Yau Yau for shopping in Noveltylane.com and introducing us in details. Hope her fans can get a clearer informtion about us.

Noveltylane.com in the blog: ldmldmldm the winner

Congratulations to Marie Hamm. She won the giveaway of NOVIO-NOVIA Dress from ldmldmdlm 2 months ago. She looks gorgeous with the wonderful dress!

Noveltylane.com in the blog: Tramy Beauty Exchange

Beauty Exchange Blogger Trammy shopped in Noveltylane.com  when she was unhappy. Hope we can make her happy by offering the discount code to her fans!

Noveltylane.com in the blog: Kenny

Noveltylane.com appeared in Kenny's Blog. He introduced we have menswear in our collection.

Noveltylane.com in the blog: Plain Face Angel

Noveltylane.com appeared on Plain Face Angel 's Blog. She is introdicing how convenience in using paypal via online shopping. Noveltylane.com also welcome customers to use paypal.

Noveltylane.com in the blog: ldmldmldm the giveaway

Thank you Joyce for introducing noveltylane.com to her fans. We are happy to offer this giveaway to fashion lovers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Novelty Lane in the press: Fashion & Beauty

Noveltylane.com was reported in Fashion & Beauty Magazine. The whole content is introducing every sections in website. Thank you Bel for the reporting.
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