Monday, July 15, 2013

12 playful accessories you can

Staying fashionable and chic in summer is definitely not an easy task, as in such blazing hot weather, there is not much layering we can do. We often go for simple t-shirt and one piece dress but this always ends up with a dull and unflattering outfit. To pair up with those and make our look stand out, a lot of statement accessories are what we need! Here are the best and playful accessories we recommend for you to accessorize your outfits and to make you look younger.

要在炎炎夏日保持有型時尚絶非易事,因為怕熱,所以很多時候,我們只會選擇一件簡簡單單的裙子和tee shirt,卻又很難做layering所以造型有時較乏味。但作為時裝達人又怎能放棄呢?這個時候我們可以選擇玩味有趣的飾物去點綴我們的造型,看起來也可以更年輕

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