Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Printed T-shirt You Can’t Miss This Summer

Ever since street fashion is brought to the runway, high street style has become one of the most influential styles that many people persue. Enthusiast does a lot of layering and mixing luxurious items together with leisure items to create a more casual yet stylish look which makes wearer stands out on the street. Printed tee shirt has become one of the most crucial elements in this street fashion influence. Intricate and colorful printed t shirt can paired with pencil skirts and skinny jeans. In another words, they are very easy to mix and match. These are the 10 printed t-shirt we recommend for you.
自從街頭時裝被帶到時尚天橋之上,high street style 就成為了時裝界強而有力的氣流。時尚達人一般都會在衣物上做重疊,並將高級時裝渾為一體,使型象看起來簡單有型,能在人群中突出…印花tee shirt 是街頭之化非常重要的物品,近來的印花技術使tee shirt 圖案看起來更精密和鮮豔,可以簡單襯上窄身裙和牛仔褲,非常容易搭配…這10件tee shirt就是我們推介的產品

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