Friday, July 5, 2013

A.M. Hong Kong Designer Label 香港設計師品牌

It is a fashion brand that sells stocking. Designer incorporates his own funky and playful prints on the colorful stockings to create interesting effects on the wearer’s leg .To ensure every stocking is in consistent quality, designers have to do the printing by himself, thus each stocking is very valuable and in limited quantity.
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A.M. 是一個專門賣絲襪的品牌,設計師設計了一系列玩味,有趣的圖案,並將之運用在彩色絲襪上。為確保絲襪有良好質素,所有絲襪都由設計師自己親自印制,所有每款絲襪都是十分珍貴。

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