Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Morpheus Hong Kong Designer Label 香港設計師品牌

Morpheus is a brand that does contemporary daywear. The style deviates from many other brands. Its style is poetic punk rock style with a feminine twist. We can see that there are a lot of grungy elements in the collection like the dark fringes, monochromatic color tone and worn out jersey, they are balanced with the feminine drapery on the dress. The long and loose-fitted silhouette help elongates wearer’s body. The brand also produces glamorous rock n’ roll accessories like necklaces and bracelets made of metallic beads and chains

Details at  http://noveltylane.com/en/products/boutiques/morpheus

是一個做當代時裝的品牌。設計風格有著搖滾詩人的味道,再加上女性化的完素,有別於一般的時裝品牌。系列中有很多搖滾grunge的完素,例如是黑白色調,深色流蘇和洗水復古布料。設計師以長和鬆身的輪廓去使穿者看起來高瘦, 垂疊效果增添型象的女人味. 品牌亦有搖滾飾物, 例如金屬珠,鍊的手鈪。

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