Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Novelty Lane Designer Interview: Hyperreall

Hyperreall 是香港本地自家品牌, 設計出獨特又時尚的飾物給時裝愛好者襯托出他們不同的風格。我們的設計多使用不同的材料,讓客人建立個人的形象及呈現個人風格. 所有設計貨品都是有好的質量,以及限量生產的. 我們相信一件設計獨特漂亮的飾物, 是會能令你更有吸引力, 亦更助你突顯個人的品味 。

Introduce your brand
Hyperreall is a Hong Kong based brand which provided unique and trendy design accessories for fashionistas to style up their look. her design is renowned using different materials, to let our customers establishing their personal identity and present their individual style. All products are made with high quality and in limited quantity. We believe an unique pretty accessory can make people look more attractive and tune up their personal taste.

時裝採購。消費者很多時只著衣服而忽略飾物其實對整個形象都很重要, 所以我們想設計飾物供大眾多些選擇來襯托他們的造型

What is your original job before being a designer? Why you will choose to study fashion accessories design?
Fashion merchandising. Consumer are always easy focus on the clothing but neglect the accessories are important for the total look as well, so we want to design accessories to offer more choices for people to style up themselves

4年。首先要做資料搜集知道來季飾物潮流, 選擇出我們喜歡及切合我們品牌方向的元素, 尋找特別的物料, 設計出飾物能符合客人喜好

How long you have work in fashion industry?
What is Hyperreall design concept?
 4 years. Our design concept is research on the coming accessories trend first, then pick up the elements that we like and suit with our brand style and sourcing for some special material and design the accessories that can match with the consumer taste.

主要根據客人所穿著的服飾, 我們的飾物有誇張有比較易配襯的. 如果客人著的服飾太多細節或花款, 應選擇較簡單設計的服飾. 如果客人著的服飾較簡單普通, 可選擇誇張設計的飾物

How to costume with Hyperreall?
 Depends on the outfit consumers are wearing, our accessories some are more over the top, some are easier to carry and match. If the clothes consumers wear have many details then they can choose some simple design details accessories. If the clothes consumers wear are simple and in clean line, then they can choose more special details accessories.

最初開始時是最難, 因為發現原來除左設計外還有很多其他是要考慮要組織, ,而設計是亦會煩惱如何的設計能使我們突出,與其他品牌不同. 以及要考慮生產多少數量才是正確, 而當初我們亦花很多時間去推銷自己給客人及店舖

What kind of difficulties when start your own brand?
It is hard at the first, there is a lot of things need to think of and manage besides the product design. Also it is hard to think of what to design that can differentiate us from other brands and how many pieces is the right quantity to produce. Besides, we have spent a lot of time to promote ourselves to different stores and customer.

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