Thursday, March 1, 2012

Novelty Lane Designer Interview - A.M. by Arman

A.M 在2011年創立,主要玩Graphic為主,每一季都會把Graphic放在不同的item上。 而第1季SS2011就以Stockings作為主題.把Graphic放在colorful的Stockings上。

Introduce your brand
AM was founded in 2011, designs are mainly in Graphic elements. I will use different graphic print in every collection. The theme of my first collection is colorful stocking with graphic print.


What is your original job before being a designer?
My job before is working as fashion design and related job.


Why you will choose to study fashion design?
I like to wear pretty stuffs and everybody’s points of view in looking at pretty is  different. I was enthusiastic on fashion. Therefore, I decided to study fashion design.


How long you have work in fashion industry?
After graduated, I worked in different clothing company, which included fabric, garment, fashion design and merchandising for about 4-5 years.


What is A.M. design concept?
Each collection’s concept is based on daily experiences. This is because everything happened can lead me to imagine more. Imagination can inspire me the design concept of A.M.

一件OVERSIZE的長身TEE+A.M STOCKING+對帆布鞋,是比較Casual的穿法. 方法、一件唔過膝蓋的ONEPIECE+A.M STOCKING+對"斗令踭",這樣的配襯也很不錯

How to costume with A.M.?
I think A.M. can be styled in different ways:
Oversize long tee + A.M. Stocking + Sneakers. This is for casual wear.
Knee length Dresses + A.M. Stocking + high heel. This is for elegant look.

最大問題一定是資金,然後就是要找製衣廠可以接我們的這樣數量的訂單。當中一定會有好多問題發生,但其實最重要是懂得解決,好幸運地到最後我們都可以把問題解決,順利把A.M 這個品牌創立。

What kind of difficulties when start your own brand?
The biggest problem is capital. The other problem is searching garment factories for producing small quantities. There will be a lot of problems occurred but the most important is to solve the problem immediately. Luckily, I can solve the problem and set up my own brand A.M.

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