Thursday, August 8, 2013

Big Horn Hong Kong Designer Label 香港設計師品牌

香港眼鏡品牌新貴Big Horn,是一個集聚潮流與實用性為一體的時尚眼鏡品牌。Big Horn的主腦人Kelvin,不但可以完美的操控引導誇張的潮流單品,並且作為多年佩戴眼鏡的使用者,對眼鏡的舒適度也特別執着。從hold住全場的誇張party款到舒適到面部所有神經的實用款,Big Horn為我們帶來了全新的由內而外的視覺盛宴。

Hong Kong Optical upstart brand Big Horn, which is a fashionable brand combined with new trends and practicality. Kelvin, the boss of Big Horn, is talented in designing fashionable items. Meanwhile, as the user of glasses, the comfort of the glasses is particularly persistent by Kelvin. From the exaggerated styles for parties to the practical products, Bid Horn gives us a new visual feast inside out.

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