Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hang 香港時裝品牌 Hong Kong Fashion Designer Label

HANG is a contemporary fashion brand with simple, neat and sophisticated style.
Designer pays a lot of efforts on choosing and handling the right fabric, cutting them in specific ways, and focusing on the details on the clothes in order to connect their clothing to the customers and make them feel surprised. There is sporty influence on the collection which the designer uses sporty fabric like neoprene with cotton so as to improve the functionality and form of the clothing.
Hang 是一個本地時裝品牌,風格簡潔成熟。設計師投放大量心血於選取合適的布料。透過特別剪裁和對細節的重視,設計師希望穿者能在穿上衣服後感受到設計師的心血。系列中多混用潜水物料neoprene 和cotton去提高舒適度並且改善衣服在身上的型態

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